High School: Unit 6 – FFA: Leadership Development specific to FFA

HS.109 : The Origins of Organizations (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.110 : How Organizations Express Beliefs, Values and Direction (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.111 : How Organizations Create Culture, Brand and Traditions (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.112 : How Organizations Change (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.113 : How Organizations Are Structured--National, State and Local (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.114 : How Organizations Are Structured--Components of a Local Program (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.115 : The Role of an Individual in an Organization (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.116 : Why Individuals Get Involved in Organizations (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.117 : Opportunities for Accomplishment in Organizations (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.118 : Opportunities for Influence in Organizations (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.119 : Opportunities for Relationships in Organizations (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.120 : Opportunitites for Discovery in Organizations (PDF) | (PPT)

HS.121 : How Does FFA Apply to My Life? (PDF) | (PPT)