Advanced High School: Unit 4 – SERVE: Provides leaders with skills to serve in their community and to grow other individuals in leadership, personal growth and career success

AHS.36 : Learning to Teach Others (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.37 : Teaching Others (PDF)

AHS.38 : Serving as a Mentor (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.39 : Becoming a Mentor to Others (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.40 : Becoming an Advocate for Agriculture and Natural Resources (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.41 : Understanding the Role of Responsible Citizens (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.42 : Responsible Citizenship (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.43 : Identifying Others to Grow and Develop (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.44 : Organizational Planning (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.45 : Leading Program of Activities Development (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.46 : Recruiting FFA Members (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.47 : Creating Engaging Chapter Meetings (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.48 : Developing Partners for Your FFA Chapter (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.49 : Promoting FFA Opening Doors (PDF) | (PPT)