Advanced High School: Unit 3 – DO: Assists individuals and teams in putting their vision into action

AHS.26 : Mobilizing Others to Action (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.27 : Leading Others to Create a Vision (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.28 : Assessing the Strengths of Others (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.29 : Capitalizing on the Strengths of Others (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.30 : Results Without Jeopardizing Relationships (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.31 : Using Evaluation and Reflection (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.32 : Process and Product Evaluation (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.33 : Aligning Activities to Mission and Vision in Groups (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.34 : Strategic Thinking and Planning (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.35 : Leading Others in Strategic Thinking (PDF) | (PPT)