Advanced High School: Unit 1 – ME: Focuses on one’s personal development skills and abilities to be successful

AHS.1 : Defining Personal Vision (PDF)

AHS.2 : Creating a Personal Vision (PDF)

AHS.3 : Role of Spiritual Belief System in Personal Mission (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.4 : Defining Personal Mission (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.5 : Creating Personal Mission (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.6 : Respecting Others Belief Systems, Visions and Missions (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.7 : Identifying Your Learning Styles: What Turns My Gears? (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.8 : Skill Development: Employability Skills for the 21st Century (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.9 : Long-Term Goals and Opportunities (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.10 : Understanding Leader/Follower Dynamics (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.11 : Building Followership: The Leadership Challenge (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.12 : Conceptualizing Ideas (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.13 : Identify Resources for Continued Growth (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.14 : Embracing Emerging Technology in the Workplace (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.15 : Elements of the Change Process (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.16 : Techniques for Handling Change (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.17 : Developing Professional Growth Plans (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.18 : Managing Change in Your Career (PDF) | (PPT)

AHS.19 : Analyzing Risks and Rewards of Change (PDF) | (PPT)