Propagation: Tissue Culture

Tissue Culture: AHS.39 : Becoming a Mentor to Others (all,IA) (PDF) | (PPT)

Link the association of culture (growing media) to a mentor. Just as it is key to have the right media for tissue growth, it is also key for an individual to have the right mentor to be a success.

Tissue Culture: AHS.46 : Recruiting FFA Members (all,IA) (PDF) | (PPT)

Starting with a small tissue sample, a plant can be grown to maturity. Students can be recruited, and with the proper nutrients and growing conditions, they grow into mature FFA members.

Tissue Culture: AHS.12 : Conceptualizing Ideas (all,IA) (PDF) | (PPT)

Although tissue culture is now a common form of plant reproduction, at one time it took some very forward thinking scientists to conceptualize the usefulness of this technology. By using the LifeKnowledge lesson, help students realize that their concepts and ideas may someday become standard practices.