Plant Classification: Taxonomy

Taxonomy: HS.111 : How Organizations Create Culture, Brand and Traditions (1,IA) (PDF) | (PPT)

Take out the boring names of plants and help students correlate it to a catchy phrase or word. Connect the naming of plants to the power words and phrases have in catching our attention. People associate ideas with names. (Ex. Broccoli- gross food, Nike- Michael Jordan)

Taxonomy: AHS.53 : SAE Programs and FFA's Proficiency Awards (3) (PDF)

When talking about the naming of plants, relate these to the proficiency areas which are linked to an SAE.

Taxonomy: HS.113 : How Organizations Are Structured--National, State and Local (all,IA,1,2) (PDF) | (PPT)

Just like the plant kingdom has specific names for each level of classification, so does Agricultural Education and the FFA. Lead students to this connections between the two areas.