Safety in the Forest: Clothing and Protective Gear

Clothing and Protective Gear: AHS.8 : Skill Development: Employability Skills for the 21st Century (1) (PDF) | (PPT)

Just as fire fighters and forestry workers must have the proper clothing to be able to do their job well and protect themselves from the elements, students need to attain the right skills to be successful and keep up with the changes around them.

Clothing and Protective Gear: MS.7 : Being Honest with Myself and Others (all,IA) (PDF) | (PPT)

When good safety practices are not upheld, eventually someone will get hurt physically. When we are not honest with ourselves and others, someones feelings will most likely get hurt. It is just as important to practice safe work methods as it is to practice being honest.

Clothing and Protective Gear: MS.21 : Travel and Dining Etiquette (2) (PDF) | (PPT)

Just like each piece of clothing and protective gear has a specific role to play in keeping us safe while in the forest, each piece of tableware has a specific purpose when eating a meal.