Growing Horticultural Plants: Hydroponics

Hydroponics: AHS.12 : Conceptualizing Ideas (all,IA) (PDF) | (PPT)

Apply the skill of conceptualizing ideas to hydroponics. Students can design a new hydroponics system in an existing greenhouse or in groups conceptualize how hydroponics might be used 20 years from now. Use the activities and definitions to baseline and set an expectation for students prior to assigning this activity.

Hydroponics: HS.97 : Identifying and Utilizing Available Resources (1,3) (PDF)

Hydroponics involves the production of plants without the need/use of soil. (This method can be used in space, the moon, or in tight spaces.) This method is used when traditional resources are limited or to maximize production in small spaces. This lesson encourages students to identify the resources available and make them work positively for them.

Hydroponics: AHS.51 : Conducting a Workshop to Help Others Start SAEs (all,IA) (PDF)

The extended classroom activity in this lesson is a great supplement to a unit on hydroponics. What better way to teach hydroponics, than to design a system that can be shared with others as a movable lab? This could be used at career fairs, recruitment nights, etc. as an eye-catching example of agriculture!