Plant Propagation: Sexual Propagation

Sexual Propagation: AHS.17 : Developing Professional Growth Plans (2,IA) (PDF) | (PPT)

In order for a plant to reproduce, it must go through several stages of growth before a new plant can be propagated. Students will make a connection to a professional growth plan in their lives to reach a final goal.

Sexual Propagaion: MS.5 : Using Your Community as a Laboratory for Leadership (1) (PDF) | (PPT)

Have students observe and journal types of seed propagation in their community. Ask students to consider when and why sexual propagation is used in plant production.

Sexual Propagation: HS.70 : The Value of Diversity on Teams (all,IA) (PDF)| (PPT)

When discussing cross pollination, an analology can be formed with diversity in groups. As a result of a new plant forming, positive combinations of traits can be seen. When diverse groups combine their skills, we can capitalize on the skills of everyone.