Fishing: Techniques

Techniques: HS.99 : Selecting a Strategy (1,2) (PDF)

Use this lesson to correlate the similarities between selecting the right fishing technique (fly, real, trolling, etc.) and how to determine the strategy for other life examples.

Techniques: HS.128 : Managing My Journey (Managing SAEs) (all,IA) (PDF)

Compare how managing an SAE is like the overall management needed while planning a fishing trip.

Techniques: AHS.7 : Identifying Your Learning Styles: What Turns My Gears? (1,2,3) (PDF) | (PPT)

How do you use different techniques in fishing to catch different fish? Why does one technique work great for some fish but not others? Correlate this why you learn better from one teacher but not the other. What is different? What method do they use to present the material? What learning style is best for you?