Habitat Management: Habitat Destruction

Habitat Destruction: HS.84 : The Need for Communication to Influence Others (1,2) (PDF)

Upon completing this lesson in habitat destruction, review this LK lesson and ask students to clarify their viewpoints on issues such as urban sprawl, industrial waste, etc.

Habitat Destruction: HS.5 : Leadership Styles (2) (PDF) | (PPT)

Parallel the requirements of a habitat (space, water, food and cover) to the requirements (styles) of being a leader.

Habitat Destruction: AHS.42 : Responsible Citizenship (1,2,3) (PDF) | (PPT)

Introduce habitat destruction and the loss of farmland to urban sprawl. Utilize AHS 42 to help students discover their rights and responsibilities as informed citizens to develop a management plan and get involved in the local government process.