Agricultural Mechanics: Tool ID and Equipment

Tool Id and Equipment: MS.21 : Travel and Dining Etiquette (2) (PDF) | (PPT)

Having and using the right tools for the job is crucial to the jobs success just as having the right utensil while eating. Would you use a fork to eat your soup?

Tool Id and Equipment: MS.10 : Showing Respect (all,IA) (PDF) | (PPT)

Have students create a list of ways they can respect the tools and equipment available in the lab and then create a list of consequences if that respect is broken.

Tool Id and Equipment: HS.33 : Understanding the Importance of Professional Ethics (1,2,3) (PDF) | (PPT)

During tool ID or demonstrations lessons, incorporate personal ethics into the unit. What is ethical vs. unethical behavior, what are the benefits of ethical decisions in the workplace (tools to use, tools that work). Relate the importance of ethics in the shop and our personal lives.