Food Labeling and Regulation: Government Regulations

Government Regulations: HS.118 : Opportunities for Influence in Organizations (1) (PDF) | (PPT)

Government regulations are used to detect and correct problems with food. Being able to regulate your behavior means being able to detect and correct problems to make yourself better.

Government Regulations: HS.12 : Practicing Honesty (all,IA) (PDF)

Government agencies play a major role in the food industry. These agencies, such as the FDA, ensure that the United States will continue to enjoy the safest food supply on earth. It is important for employees of both food companies and government agencies to practice honesty in their work so that this long-standing tradition of a safe food supply continues.

Government Regulations: HS.16 : The Need for Leaders (1,2,3) (PDF)

Discuss all of the government regulations applied to the food industry. Do they all seem reasonable or fair, are there some things left unregulated that should be? How do we change regulations?