Natural Resources: Renewable vs. Non-Renewable Resources

Renewable vs. Non-Renewable Resources: AHS.45 : Leading Program of Activities Development (all,IA) (PDF) | (PPT)

The development of a POA is the creation of a non-renewable resource in that it is good for this year. But in a real sense it is a renewable resource because the template can be used every year.

Renewable vs. Non-Renewable Resources: HS.35 : Professional Ethics and Personal Character (3) (PDF) | (PPT)

Renewable resources will never let us down and will continue to replenish themselves over and over just like professional ethics and character. However if we have a let down in our ethics and character it is very difficult to regain the trust that these things gain us just as it takes millions of years if at all for a non-renewable resource to replenish itself.

Renewable vs. Non-Renewable Resources: HS.10 : Defining Core Values (all,IA,1,2,3) (PDF) | (PPT)

Renewable resources may be used and molded to fit our needs as long as they are managed we wont run out. There is a definite amount of non renewable resources. Compare this to our values. What are the core values that make you unique and cant be changed? Which values are flexible?

Renewable vs. Non-Renewable Resources: HS.97 : Identifying and Utilizing Available Resources (1,2) (PDF)

Assess what resources are available for human energy needs, and which ones fall under renewable and non-renewable resources. And if they are readily available for their needed use.