Genetic Principles: Cell Division

Cell Division: HS.4 : The Stages of Development (all,IA) (PDF) | (PPT)

How can mitosis be compared to the four stages of development? Correlate Interphase to the Me stage of developing personal skills and abilities, Prophase and Metaphase to the We stage developing relations with each other, Anaphase to Doing which is putting ones vision into action and finally Telophase to Serving which is growing and serving others. Mitosis is the process by which cells grow and reproduce just as we develop and grow and eventually serve others.

Cell Division: HS.128 : Managing My Journey (Managing SAEs) (1,2) (PDF)

Discuss cell division and multiplication and what that organisms require for the process to occur (proper environment, nutrition, etc) and relate it to what conditions need to be present for students SAEs to grow and multiply.