FFA Chapter Tribute Videos


FFA Chapter Tribute - Stratton FFA, Colorado

26 of the 42 students at their high school are members of the Stratton FFA chapter in Colorado. They work on farm safety education and the county fair.


FFA Chapter Tribute - Rockville FFA, Connecticut

"This Week in Agribusiness" features Rockville FFA in Vernon, Connecticut. Their chapter has a large animal facility with chickens, sheep, goats and alpacas. They also grow poinsettias, Christmas trees and spring plants.


FFA Chapter Tribute - Woodbridge FFA - Bridgeville, Delaware

This 300 member FFA chapter has a 16 acre agricultural plot where they produce pure-bred angus cattle, pure bred Cheviot sheep and pure-bred market hogs. They also grow poinsettias in spring plants in their greenhouse.


FFA Chapter Tribute - Deland Sr. FFA, Florida

The Deland Sr. FFA Chapter was chartered in 1940 and currently has 100 members. They have 30 acres where they raise citrus, nursery plants, swine, sheep, goats, beef cattle, and numerous vegetable crops. They also have a 200 acre Forestry lab.


FFA Chapter Tribute - Preston FFA, Idaho

The Preston FFA Chapter has 120 members and was chartered in 1935. They have a greenhouse which they will soon be expanding thanks to a grant from Monsanto. This chapter was also featured in the movie "Napoleon Dynamite".


FFA Chapter Tribute - Eastland FFA, Illinois

The Eastland FFA chapter has 73 members and a 42-agricultural plot where they test corn and soybeans. Their biggest fundraiser comes from this test plot and fruit sales.

FFA Chapter Tribute - Pinckneyville FFA, Illinois

Pinckneyville FFA was featured on "This Week in Agribusiness" during the chapter salute segment. The chapter operates the milk vending machines at their school and host an annual pork chop dinner to raise funds for their activities.

FFA Chapter Tribute - Stockton FFA, Illinois

Stockton FFA was originally chartered in 1929, but was cut in the early 90s due to budget constraints. Thanks to community support it was re-chartered in 2009. The produce specialty crops on their school's 3.5 acre plot.


FFA Chapter Tribute - Agri-Power FFA, Iowa

There are 88 members in the Agri-Power FFA chapter. Every year, they host a Farm Safety Day for elementary students to help raise awareness of safety around farm equipment and implements.

FFA Chapter Tribute - Nevada FFA, Iowa

Every week is FFA Week on This Week in Agribusiness! The Nevada FFA chapter rebuilds and resells 15 - 25 old tractors each year. They also serve meals to the elderly and operate an agricultural plot.

FFA Chapter Tribute - Nevada FFA, Iowa


FFA Chapter Tribute - Beau Chene FFA - Arnaudville, Louisiana

This 223 member chapter has an agricultural plot and greenhouse. Their favorite community service project is their Veteran's Day celebration.


FFA Chapter Tribute - Central Hardin FFA, Kentucky

The Central Hardin FFA chapters maintains a strong agriculture program, even though they are in an urban area. They have a greenhouse from which they sell plants, flowers and vegetables.



FFA Chapter Tribute - Waldron FFA, Michigan

Waldron FFA was featured on "This Week in Agribusiness" during the chapter salute segment. The chapter has 8 acres of corn and soybeans. 80 percent of the student body at Waldron High School participates in FFA. Their favorite community service project is roadside cleanup.

FFA Chapter Tribute - Fremont FFA, Michigan


FFA Chapter Tribute - Eldon FFA, Missouri

Eldon FFA is currently one of the top ten chapters in the nation, through the Models of Innovation program. Their favorite community project is "Operation Military Pride" in which they send care packages to soldiers stationed overseas.

FFA Chapter Tribute - Kirksville FFA - Kirsksville, Missouri

This 85 member chapter hosts a "Barnyard Day" where pre-school and elementary school students visit their Agriculture department and learn about FFA members livestock projects.

FFA Chapter Tribute - Eldon FFA - Eldon, Missouri

FFA Chapter Tribute - Monroe City FFA - Monroe City, Missouri


FFA Chapter Tribute - Shepherd FFA, Montana

Shepherd Montana's FFA chapter has 55 members. They raise bedding plants for a Spring Sale and host a Cow Pie Open Golf Tournament and Dinner fundraiser, where they typically raise nearly $10,000 annually.


North Carolina

FFA Chapter Tribute - Providence Grove FFA, North Carolina

This relatively new chapter, opened in 2008, now boasts 209 members. One of their teachers, Amy Kidd, was recently named Outstanding Agriscience teacher of the year by the NAAE.

North Dakota

FFA Chapter Tribute - Maddock A.S. Gibbons FFA, North Dakota

The Maddock A.S. Gibbons FFA chapter is 80 members strong. They were chartered in 1929. Their favorite community service project is "Meals on Wheels" which they have participated in for the past 25 years.


FFA Chapter Tribute - Coldwater Tri-Star Ohio

Coldwater Tri-Star FFA has 135 members. Their biggest community service project is snow removal for senior citizens. They also have an apple pie bake-off every year before Christmas break, a tradition that started when they ordered too many apples for their annual fruit sale.

FFA Chapter Tribute - Hillsboro FFA, Ohio

During National FFA Week, the Hillsboro FFA chapter serves breakfast to teachers at their school to show them their appreciation.

FFA Chapter Tribute - Ridgewood FFA, Ohio

Published on Jul 9, 2012 by nationalffa Ridgewood FFA was featured on "This Week in Agribusiness" during the chapter salute segment. Over the past nine years, the chapter's member have received 33 American FFA Degrees and 58 state FFA degrees. The chapter also has a chicken co-op. Their biggest fundraiser is their FFA fruit sale.

FFA Chapter Tribute - Coldwater/Tri-Star FFA, Coldwater, Ohio


FFA Chapter Tribute - Tuttle FFA, Oklahoma

The Tuttle FFA chapter in Oklahoma has 140 members and was chartered in 1933. They have a 2-acre school farm with 60 hogs and 10 cattle, along with a heated indoor arena for stock shows.


FFA Chapter Tribute - Grand Canyon FFA, Pennsylvania

The Grand Canyon FFA chapter has an Ag Safety Day every year during which they teach 4th graders in their community about tractor safety, water safety, ATV safety, chemical safety, fire safety and First Aid.


FFA Chapter Tribute - Uintah FFA, Utah

The Uintah High School FFA chapter is 50 members strong, and is deeply involved in community service projects. 80 percent of the chapter's members are female.


FFA Chapter Tribute - Lake Geneva Badger FFA, Wisconsin

Lake Geneva Badger FFA was charted in 1939. They are engaged in many community activities. They recently received a $10,00 grant from Monsanto for their Farm-to-School program.

FFA Chapter Tribute - Mondovi FFA, Wisconsin

The Mondovi FFA chapter has 84 members - 84 of the 300 students in the high school. They sell fruit to raise funds for their chapter. They also have a very supportive school board and superintendent helping them along with their successes.

FFA Chapter Tribute - Mondovi FFA, Wisconsin