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Advisors - October 2013

The Three-Component Model revision
When, how and why was the three-circle model revised? Use this new language as your communication tool.

Driving performance
Learn how three educators are driving performance in all three components of the school-based agricultural education model and using best practices to build the total program.

Ag Ed Model = Education Reform Model
Rigor. Relevance. Relationships…or Classroom. SAE. FFA. Anyway you say it, our school-based agricultural education model leads the way in education reform. 

Perspectives: Living proof
Paul Larson, a Wisconsin educator, shares an example of the benefits of orchestrating a total program.

Chapters in action
Annually the FFA Chapter Innovators’ Guide highlights those chapters that were successful in the National Chapter Award Program. Discover some best practices in deploying the three-component model.

Question for the profession

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