Top 8 reason to register for virtual convention and expo

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The National FFA Convention & Expo is the highlight of the year for many FFA chapters, advisors and members. However, only a limited number of chapters are represented each year due to travel restrictions, budget restraints or school policies. To bring this premier leadership event to the 90 percent of our membership who don’t attend, we have developed a virtual convention and expo!

This year national FFA is launching a virtual convention and expo where chapters and agricultural education classrooms will be given the opportunity to participate in convention and expo events from home. Check out the top eight reasons to register for this year’s virtual convention and expo:

  1. Ignite your classroom
    Feel the buzz of 20,000 FFA members cheering as a session begins. View sessions in your classroom in real time or on demand. You can even download teacher resources complementing each session, including information about awards and recognition.
  2. Student workshops
    Live and on-demand, a room during the convention and expo will be dedicated to virtual workshops. This will allow those at the convention and expo and at home to tune in to dynamic facilitators and share the experience through the virtual atmosphere and social media.
  3. Teachers’ Corner
    If you will be at home, experience the virtual convention and expo with your students using prepared discussion questions, Career Success Tour links and so much more. If you are taking members to Louisville, Ky., Teacher’s Corner can help with substitute plans.
  4. Impact 100 percent of your students
    Give everyone a taste of the largest student convention in the country. The virtual convention and expo will provide an active learning experience in the classroom for teachers and students to collaboratively explore and share dialog with various vendors and other chapters.
  5. Engage administration
    Engage your local school administration, school board or other faculty members in the virtual learning environment as well. Being able to experience even a taste of the convention and expo will excite most administrators and provide added incentives for the teacher when they submit travel requests to attend live conventions and expos in the future.
  6. Test your classroom’s knowledge
    As a part of this dynamic system, FFA chapters will be able to compete against other FFA chapters to see who has the most knowledge and who can retrieve it the quickest. Trivia about FFA, agriculture and the convention and expo are sure to be hot topics.
  7. Virtual Shopping Mall
    Purchase memorabilia, convention and expo logo tees, FFA polos and more in the online shopping mall. On-site venders will be a click away.
  8. Registration is easy
    Navigate the registration page on and begin just as you would to register to physically attend. If you are planning to attend the convention and expo, you can register for your on-site participants as well as for the virtual experience all at one time. Virtual convention and expo registration is $50 per chapter.