Chapter meetings – Get this year’s meetings off to the right start

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The year has already started for most of us; we are in the thick of wrapping up fairs, working with support groups, organizing classroom prep and helping your officers to launch FFA meetings for the year. Here are some quick tips on how to get those meetings off to a great start, focusing on recruitment and retention of FFA members.

Guidelines for executive meetings:

  • Make them fun.
  • Vary the time, location, agenda and other details to keep the meetings exciting.
  • You might lead the first meeting before you turn the leadership of the meetings over to the officers (which is where you want the process to progress).
  • Make certain as many of the officers as possible have responsibilities for planning or conducting the meeting or making the meeting special. You may want to rotate responsibilities to give all officers leadership development opportunities.
  • Create an environment and atmosphere so the officers look forward to attending the meetings.

Meetings are at the heart of all chapter operations.

Chapter meetings are the venues where members exercise their voting power as a part of an organization, conduct chapter business, gain information about the chapter’s upcoming events and activities, socialize with other members, learn from special speakers and programs, recognize members and supporters, and have fun.

So what is your role with regards to chapter meetings? Open the doors, smile, greet members, encourage and support the leaders, help problem solve, and cheer successes.

So how can you set the leaders and officers up for success?

  1. Help the leaders to create a chapter meeting where:
    • The members feel welcomed.
    • The members feel a sense of ownership.
    • The members want to come and contribute.
  2. Things to remember regarding student motivation:
    • Members just like all of us want to know what is in it for them.
    • Variety is the spice of life. Mix it up in terms of location, program, decorations, themes, speakers, etc.
    • Although the members are all agriculture students, they have varying interests and ambitions.
    • Feed them and they will come!
  3. Get as many members directly involved in the meeting as possible:
    • Giving reports and announcements
    • Welcoming committee - meeting and greeting guests and members as they arrive
    • Set-up committee
    • Recreation committee
    • Refreshment committee
    • Special features committee - introduction of guest speaker, running the audio visual equipment, etc.