Endowments: What are they and what do they mean for the future of FFA?

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By Natalie Clayton

In basic terms, an endowment is created when a sum of dollars is gifted by a donor to an organization to fund a specific purpose. The gift amount, or the principal, remains invested and untouched while just the earnings from the investment are used for the endowment’s specified purpose. I am a visual learner so this may be helpful for you, too.

Endowment amount: $50,000 (gift) x 5% (investment income) = $2,500 available each year to use for the purpose specified by the endowment.

Endowments are a wonderful tool for nonprofit organizations and foundations like the National FFA Foundation because they allow us to help a donor make a lifetime of impact. Furthermore, the donor can rest assured that they are creating a future of security for the organization and the people it serves, such as FFA members. And unlike corporate dollars, which are also important, a donor’s endowed gift remains in perpetuity. It is truly a worthwhile, lifetime commitment in one simple gift.

As a donor, your endowment principal also has the potential to grow thanks to successful investment management. The National FFA Foundation’s sole purpose is to raise funds to meet the mission of the National FFA Organization and other agriculture-related organizations such as the National Association for Agricultural Educators. We take every step necessary to make sure a donor’s endowment is performing at optimal levels.

What about the changes in agriculture over the years? How can donors like you be sure that your endowments that have been created for a specific purpose remain relevant and don’t fall by the wayside as become obsolete? At the National FFA Foundation, we work diligently to make sure that a donor’s hard-earned dollars are used wisely. This is why we take the time to discuss every potential endowment in full detail. We work to make sure that endowments are working for a specific cause, yet are flexible and able to change with the times. We all know that times are rapidly changing and that our world of agriculture is moving beyond the traditional farmer we once knew. We want to help you make sure that FFA members are equipped for future success and knowledgeable of agriculture advances.

Now, the National FFA Foundation is working with individuals like you to make sure that you are able to support something that you believe in and something that matches your values. We want you to have the opportunity to make a lifetime of impact and feel great doing so. We are here to help.

National FFA Foundation Endowments today: Minimum amount: $15,000 with 5 percent of the invested amount used each year for funding.