April Teacher Resources

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Jump Start Financial Reality Check - This calculator challenges students to investigate the expenses of living on your own. This calculator is free, and it is quick and simple to use. It will give you a general snapshot of your financial future. It is not a precise budgeting tool.

MoneyInstructor.com provides lesson plans regarding personal finances, banking, credit, etc.

MoneySkill offers a free online personal finance course and is interactive for your students, from AFSA Educational Foundation.

TheMint provides free curriculum, on-line calculators and interactive decision-based scenarios for students, from Northwestern Mutual.

Potting Guide helps you calculate the amount of soil you will need in your greenhouse to fill pots based on the type of container you are using, from International Greenhouse Company.

Junior Surgery Videos shows procedures as well as how to handle instruments and equipment, from Michigan State University.

University of Illinois Incubation and Embryology - great lessons and information for hatching chicks in the classroom.

ChickScope lessons, visuals and information, from the Beckman Institute.

NOVA video of an embryo that develops into a duckling.

Apps, apps and more apps:

HudsonAlpha iCell—3D models of cellular organelles, animal, plant, and bacteria (free for iPad)

ID Weeds—search for weeds by common or Latin names, id weeds based on characteristics (free for iPad)

Turf Id—detailed information on turf weeds, diseases, and insects (free for iPad)

Weed to Wonder—illustrates the development of maize from domestication to modern corn (free for iPad)

K Gallery—photos of crop response to potash fertilizer and deficiency symptoms (free for iPad)

BASF Disease ID- information about common diseases of cereal crops (free for Droid)

agSeedSelect—create seed guide tailored to your specific geography and crops (free for iPad)

LeafsnapHD- uses visual recognition to identify tree species from a photograph of the leaves (free for iPad)