Teacher Resources

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Farm Flavor Magazine
Farm Flavor online magazine includes recipes, how-to information, nutritional information, a Farm to Fork section, as well as state specific journals. Simply select a state from the dropdown menu to find statistics and articles related to your state’s agriculture industry.

NSTA New Science Teacher Academy
The NSTA New Science Teacher Academy is a professional development initiative created to help promote quality science teaching, enhance teacher confidence and classroom excellence, and improve teacher content knowledge.

As an NSTA Fellow, you will receive:

  • Comprehensive NSTA membership and its benefits
  • An opportunity to participate in a variety of web-based professional development activities, including web seminars
  • Unlimited use of resources including vetted web links for lesson plans, links to state and national standards, professional organizations, safety tips and more
  • An opportunity to participate in New Teacher Center e-Mentoring for Student Success (eMSS) developed by NSTA, the New Teacher Center, and Montana State University that includes:
    • e-Mentoring with an experienced teacher in the same science discipline and grade level;
    • Facilitated online curriculum that focuses on science content and applicable classroom pedagogy;
    • Access to a nationwide, online network of science educators and scientists that facilitate the exchange of information, ideas, and resources
  • Accommodations, coverage of airfare, food, and registration fees to attend the NSTA national conference
  • An opportunity to participate in specialized conference pathways and to participate in a Research Dissemination Conference or a Professional Development Institute
  • New Science Teacher Academy Fellows must be:
    • Located throughout the country
    • Entering their second through fifth year of teaching
    • Working a schedule with 51% of their classes in middle or high school science.

Apps, apps, and more apps

  • How to Write a Business Plan (the fundamentals of strategies and projections for starting a business)
  • Leadership skills for Entrepreneurs (video tutorials from experienced CEO’s)
  • How to Start a Business (create a business from start to finish)
  • How to Get a Job Interview (tips from professionals to help land that first job and even that dream job)
  • 50 Business Lessons (video tutorials from business savvy experts)
  • Life Calculate (how much insurance do you need?)
  • 401k Calculator (determine how much you should be saving and calculate it’s worth when you retire)
  • Save 4 College (quickly calculate how much college will cost when you or your child are ready)
  • Auto Payment (quickly calculate monthly payments, interest, out of pocket expenses)
  • Mortgage Pay (calculate what that new home will cost you to determine what you can afford)
  • Manage Debt (calculate fixed monthly payments to reduce payoff quickly)
  • Leadership Plus (From Corey Grant, get articles and reading lists to promote leadership)
  • Get College Funding (look for college fit, admissions processes, financial aid)
  • American Association of School Administrators (latest news and info relevant to school admin)
  • Periodic Table Question Bank ($.99)
  • Financial Fitness ($.99)
  • Grammar Basics
  • DTN/The Progressive Farmer: Agriculture News
  • Time Management with Brian Tracy Lite
  • Ag Index (markets, weather, news, agronomic advice)
  • Ag Web (latest agribusiness news and advice)
  • Real Agriculture (focused on issues impacting ag in Canada)
  • Interactive 4 Stroke Engine ( 3D real time simulation with sound effects)
  • Angus Mobile (search registry, news releases, sales reports, show results)
  • Novartis Animal Health Cattle Vaccine Literature Library (review diseases, products, guidelines)
  • Goat Spot Forum (forums, classifieds, health of goats)
  • iJudge- (judging score calculator and reasons term banks, $.99)