It’s National FFA Week!

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Outreach, service and gratitude are some of the ways to celebrate National FFA Week, Feb. 16-23.

FFA members: you can use National FFA Week as an opportunity to tell your story to your classmates, elementary students and local communities. Showcasing the highlights and opportunities of a chapter can help recruit new members to the organization and introduce classmates and neighbors to our nation’s most important industry: agriculture. Telling our story to the community can lead to more awareness, interest and support from families and businesses in the area.

One method of outreach would be to host an open house that brings people directly to the classroom. You can also include the community in your outreach efforts by hosting your own agriculture career day and invite local speakers to attend. Another method would involve contacting local media to inform them of your FFA Week activities. Or find a local civic organization and ask to speak at their regular meeting, telling them about FFA and the importance of agriculture.

National FFA Week is a perfect opportunity to give back to your community through a service project. This year, FFA members are teaming with local Tractor Supply Company stores in the FFA: Can-Do! project. The concept is simple: Fight hunger, build something cool and have fun. Members will collect cans of food and then use those cans to build a creative design, such as a farming implement or a grain bin. Finally, the cans will then be donated to a local charity to help feed people in need.

Other service projects during FFA Week could include a clothing drive, an area clean-up event, or even an improvement project on school grounds or within a community.

FFA members can show gratitude to many different people in a variety of ways. Some chapters host a meal for school faculty and staff, while others put together gift baskets or other forms of appreciation for area volunteers and contributors that assist with the success of their chapter. FFA Week is a perfect opportunity to say thank you to key groups, such as the local school board, who support FFA in a variety of ways.

“Grow” is the theme for the week. How can your chapter’s levels of outreach, service and gratitude grow? How can you help grow your chapter’s membership? What can you do to grow your supervised agricultural experience? And what are you doing to grow the impact you have in your community, through service and involvement? Collaborate with your classmates and your advisors about ways that you can grow your impact in your home, your school and your community.

Whatever your chapter will be doing during National FFA Week, share your highlights and your great stories through Facebook ( and twitter (, or email the National FFA Organization at For a full list of activities and other resources, visit