Something amazing is happening at the National FFA Foundation…

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Individuals just like you from across the United States are coming together and becoming loyal and compassionate supporters of the National FFA Foundation to benefit FFA members. What you may not realize is that as a nonprofit organization, FFA relies solely on donor contributions to survive and thrive. What has changed? Why are individuals deciding this is the right time to start supporting FFA members?

Three words: Leadership Matching Challenge. Thanks to eight people who comprise a special advisory council for the National FFA Foundation, all first-time donors and those who upgraded their gifts to the Rising Sun Giving level had their gifts and increases matched. These matching dollars came from the Individual Giving Council. Their leadership demonstrates their belief in FFA. We are proud to share that we hit record fundraising numbers from individual donors in 2012. Thank you! We couldn’t do it without you. However, we must be transparent. While FFA does incredible work each and every day, the truth is that many programs are still underfunded for our growing FFA member population. We grew by more than 17,000 members this past year alone. What more can you do?

News keeps getting better. First-time donors and upgraded gifts will continue to be matched in 2013. Yes, the Leadership Matching Challenge is on again! We cannot wait to connect with you and start sharing details of your dollars at work. We hope that you choose to support us today. You may donate right now at

More details on the Leadership Matching Challenge and the Individual Giving Council:

Effective today, each new gift, regardless of the amount, or any increase in prior giving that allows an FFA contributor’s total gift to meet or exceed $1,000 will be matched dollar for dollar by Leadership Matching Challenge funds up to $100,000.

The National FFA Foundation’s 2012 Individual Giving Council is comprised of volunteers Elin Miller of Oregon; Paul Mulhollem of Kentucky; Mark Timm of Indiana; Jack Pitzer and Corey Rosenbusch, both of Virginia; Rick Malir of Ohio; Lynette Marshall and Glenn Stith, both of Iowa; and founding member Charlie Fischer. Through individual giving, the group will collectively contribute more than $312,000 to FFA over the next three years to create a new matching-gift program called the Leadership Challenge.