How to advocate for agriculture

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How long has it been since you took eighth grade civics? That long, huh? With nearly every state starting a new legislative session and with education always being a hot topic, it’s time for a primer in government and advocacy. The National Association of Agricultural Educators has developed a tool kit that can help agriculture teachers, partners and students engage in effectively advocating for their local agriculture program at all levels. Become a pro yourself and develop your students and partners into pros utilizing this amazing advocacy tool kit. Check out some of the topics covered:

Advocacy misconceptions

What are the duties of an advocate?

What is the legislative process and how can you influence it?

Where can you get your information?

Grassroots advocacy plan

Advocacy planning worksheet

Tools for communicating with policy

Putting your program in the spotlight through news

Classroom resources

No matter what level of government, school administration or community, you’ll find useful information to put your agriculture program in a positive spotlight. Find the NAAE Advocacy Tool Kit and more resources on NAAE’s website.