College prep at your fingertips

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It’s that time of year again…seniors, parents and agriculture teachers are thinking about how to get students into college in the fall. Hip your students and their parents to In fact, let the sophomores and juniors know too--it’s never too early!

Upon accessing the site, viewers can read the top 10 mistakes people make when planning for college. Tom Bottorf, founder of GetCollegeFunding, says the number one mistake is letting a 17 year old make a $100 - $200 decision. Number two won’t shock agriculture teachers because we already know that four-year colleges aren’t for everyone. Students and parents can take a College Readiness Survey to find out just how ready (or not) they are for college.

GetCollegeFunding highlights services such as the 60-second check-up and one-on-one counseling and helps with college selection and admissions. They host free webinars and hold live seminars, as well. From their website you can also access a variety of blog postings that discuss everything from Do summer college enrichment programs really help? to When to think about financial aid. They even have a free iPad app. Get your students the help they need at