Feeding the world–starting at home

The National FFA Organization had embarked on a campaign earlier in the year called Feeding the World–Starting at Home. One in six Americans will experience food insecurity sometime during the next year and FFA wanted to bring attention to this very real issue. The hope was this project would help FFA members recognize and respond to hunger in their own schools and communities. So, when American Family Insurance called FFA to offer their support—a great collaboration was born.

American Family, based in Madison, Wis., has strong roots in farming and ranching. The majority of their customers in the 23 states they support live in rural farming communities, and they are celebrating their 85th year in business in 2012.

The record drought this summer across the Midwest worried American Family employees and agents. They were hearing from their social media communities that this was an issue that was important to them, and the company decided to take action.

One of the components of the FFA initiative was the FFA Rally to Fight Hunger during the national convention and expo. In three days, 10,000 students packed more than 1 million meals for the hungry. American Family president and chief operating officer Dan Schultz was one of the 10,000 people who participated.

“I think it is really exciting to see those who connect to food involved in this because they are coming from a farming background but also understand that it affects families and kids just like them,” said Schultz.

The uniqueness of the American Family gift was that it came from their social media marketing department. They wanted to use the rally and the issue of food insecurity to drive new fans to their Facebook page. They wanted 20,000 new fans. They got 23,000. The folks in Madison took this issue to heart and produced amazing content during the month of October that drove thousands of new fans to American Family. Each and every post had numerous likes and discussion—all revolving around hunger.

Unfortunately, since hunger won’t be going away anytime soon, FFA and American Family will work together on this issue. Look for exciting things in 2013!