How to organize for FFA Week, a month-by-month guide

Use this handy month-by-month guide to get you organized for FFA Week.


SET OBJECTIVES What does your chapter want to accomplish this year? Recruit new members? Involve more parents? Set objectives in three categories: students, chapter and community (it’s no coincidence that these categories mirror the Program of Activities).

CHOOSE YOUR AUDIENCE Who are you trying to reach? This will be key in planning your activities, the types of media you use and the kind of message you want to send.

PLAN ACTIVITIES Hold a brainstorming session with chapter members. Think about activities that will catch the attention of others or bring in a crowd. Add a few special touches like door prizes, games or entertainment. Get creative!

ASSIGN TASKS Get all members involved and excited about FFA Week. Create committees from publicity to planning. Engaging alumni, teachers or parents will get them excited about FFA, and they’ll help spread the word.

ORGANIZE AND SCHEDULE Order supplies from; ask local businesses for donations; and schedule times, rooms and/or speakers for presentations and events. Plan your publicity and be sure to gain permission/inform school officials of your exciting plans.


CONNECT Contact all of your local and school media—newspapers, radio stations, TV stations, etc.—to tell them about FFA Week and provide them with your schedule of events, press releases, advertising and public service announcements. When you drop off your packets, include a little gift item like key chains, stickers and buttons. Don’t forget to utilize the TV promos on the DVD (coming to you in December) for local channels and school announcements!

PROMOTE AWARENESS Get up and get out there! Hang posters, send new press releases as needed, mail invitations and post, post, post on social networks and school feeds. Email, phone and advertising are great ways to get the word out but face-to-face interactions can’t be beat. Show your community that FFA members work hard, stand proud and lead out loud!


ENERGIZE AND IMPLEMENT Tie up loose ends and confirm all details prior to your events. Make sure there are no questions. Then rally up! Get everyone excited and ready to put their hard work into action. Make the last chapter meeting before the event special and exciting.

SEND THANKS Move quickly at the end of the week to get notes and gifts of thanks to all who helped, volunteered, sponsored, spoke or made your event special in any way. All deeds large and small should be acknowledged and appreciation expressed. Advisors: Don’t forget to thank your members, too!

EVALUATE Get together and evaluate your success. What challenges did you encounter? Were you able to overcome them? Did you publicize the event enough? Were your media efforts effective? Evaluate your decisions and rough out a plan for next year based on your outcomes.


ENTER TO WIN National FFA Week chapter contest details to follow soon. Be on the look out!