50 ways to GROW your FFA Week Ideas

It’s George Washington’s Birthday again! Time to dust off the chapter Program of Activities, committee assignments and fun-o-meter! If your FFA members are tired of the same activities they’ve been doing for a decade now, just want something a little different or are starting from scratch, here are 50 ways to grow FFA member enthusiasm for their chapter, for agriculture and for the ideals of FFA.

Chapters and advisors around the country have shared their favorite FFA week activities and strategies to help your FFA members spark discussions, feed local awareness and encourage chapter members to branch out. You can also visit FFA.org for more ideas and to share thoughts and discussions with other advisors.

  1. Have a food drive-in.
  2. Distribute extra copies of FFA New Horizons to teachers and administrators.
  3. Plan an FFA week-long scavenger hunt.
  4. Conduct a job shadow day for FFA members to spend a day with community members learning about agriculture careers.
  5. Work with local and school newspapers, radio and TV stations to run public service announcements about agriculture and highlight local FFA chapter activities.
  6. Host AGcentric, AG Olympics, Are-You-Smarter-than-FFA-Members or Minute-to-Win-It games to showcase to other students and teachers just how much FFA members know about agriculture.
  7. Plan an agriculture parade for your school or community.
  8. Work with elementary school students to plant a tree—or two!
  9. Hold an FFA Open House for the community and conduct agriculturally interactive activities for participants. (Check with your state farm bureau--they have a lot of resources for this.)
  10. Host “AG Career Day” and invite local speakers, farmers, extension agents, agribusiness owners and managers.
  11. Conduct a “Flat Stanley” contest for members to photograph their Stanley in the most agricultural settings.
  12. Organize a community clean-up campaign.
  13. Write a chapter FFA song.
  14. Hold a special assembly in the gym. Play games, throw shirts, give speeches…invite a district, state or national officer to all the fun.
  15. Speak to local Rotary, Kiwanis or chamber groups highlighting the service aspect of FFA members and explore opportunities to collaborate with these adult groups.
  16. Visit neighboring schools, without an FFA chapter, and talk about the organization and its activities to promote starting a new ag program and FFA chapter.
  17. Determine your “Top Ten Reasons” to join FFA and then do them during the week.
  18. Host a red carpet fashion show, movie premiere, FFA Ball, etc.
  19. Communicate the impacts of agriculture on school lunches, transportation, technology within your school, apparel, etc.
  20. Host food and clothing drives or other community-wide outreach.
  21. Tweet it. Post it. Like it up! Post your activities and encourage them to go viral through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  22. Collect clothes, toys, school supplies, etc. to give away.
  23. Sponsor a recycling day at school.
  24. Volunteer at a gas station that sells E-85 fuel. Be ready to explain what E-85 fuel is to the patrons while you’re pumping their gas.
  25. Sign up for a shift to bag groceries at a local market—for free. Be sure to slip notes in the bags sharing agriculture facts with the shoppers.
  26. Create a fun video of FFA activities and play it on your school TV system.
  27. Put on a petting zoo, pedal tractor pull or coloring contest for elementary students.
  28. Invite non-members to a meeting.
  29. Hold an eighth grade pizza party to recruit next year’s members.
  30. Hold a good ol’ fashioned barn dance.
  31. Look into hosting events like a lock-in, pizza party, movie night, bowling, karaoke, and more.
  32. Toss FFA T-shirts into crowds at basketball games. Check out Shop FFA for the goods.
  33. Have FFA-related announcements read over the PA system. This is a good one year-round!
  34. Take pictures of faculty and staff wearing FFA gear and then post around school and in the school newspaper.
  35. Have a local mayor and/or other community officials sign an FFA Week Proclamation.
  36. Present honorary chapter degrees to helpful faculty, staff or community leaders.
  37. Send thank you letters, certificates, plaques, food, flowers, plants (whatever is appropriate) to students, faculty, staff and other chapter supporters (alumni, parents, local businesses). If given in person, be sure to wear Official Dress.
  38. Conduct an eating contest that features a food product grown in the area.
  39. Take food to local radio and/or TV stations, particularly during live early-morning shows. Be sure to have some of those local, county, and state agriculture facts at the ready, just in case.
  40. Put up an FFA billboard at the edge of town.
  41. Conduct “Shop Wars” (similar to Junkyard Wars on TLC) for bragging rights and prizes.
  42. Sponsor an “Ag Career” dress-up day to showcase the variety of agriculture careers. Participants must have a details description of their career to share. Career ideas and facts can be found in the Inspire Ag Careers tab on the Ag Career Network.
  43. Partner with teachers outside the ag program to use Food for America and Ag in the Classroom resources to educate fellow students about agriculture. Maybe they’ll even let you teach a class!
  44. Host a food packaging event like the FFA Rally to Fight Hunger at the 2012 convention.
  45. Team with local collegiate chapters and/or alumni affiliates to plan special outreach events in the community.
  46. Have a tractor parade, donkey basketball, barn dance, karaoke or agriculture appreciation day.
  47. Create supervised agricultural experience displays. It could be similar to a science fair and might give new members ideas for their own SAE in the future.
  48. Volunteer for a day with Habitat for Humanity.
  49. Sponsor an Official Dress Day, casual FFA clothes day and/or blue and gold day.
  50. Have a prize day to give away FFA-themed pens, notepads, bags, etc. at school entrances.
  51. Initiate a “Can-Struction” project. Hold a canned food drive and build something creative with your collection. Take a picture of your finished product and upload it on our Facebook page. Include the number of cans that you collected then donate them to a local charity.