Advisors - October 2012

The spaces between
Most accepted theories and approaches to leadership have a deep-seated weakness: They ignore the reality that leadership is found more in the spaces between people than inside “the leader.”

Trust me…it’s important!
Is your chapter officer team displaying one of the five dysfunctions of a team?

Live to serve
Dedication. Discipline. Integrity. Openness. We drill into our students these and other key characteristics that make a great leader. But read which characteristic we sometimes forget to mention…the most important of all.

Perspectives: Play your part
Each member of your chapter officer team plays a distinct role that contributes to the success of your chapter. Make sure you’re leveraging everyone’s talent.

Chapters in action
In each issue of FFA Pulse, we highlight an FFA chapter doing great things for the organization, agricultural education and agriculture. This issue, we look at the Sioux Central FFA chapter in Sioux Rapids, Iowa, featured in This Week in AgriBusiness. Chartered in 2001, the chapter has 102 members, which is one-third of the school’s student population.

Question for the profession
How do we hold students accountable for practicing leadership?

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