Teacher Resources

Reminder: Check out the resources from the USDA and U.S. Department of Education
Teaching resources for Earth Sciences, including subjects such as climate change, geology, environment, oceans and more.

Teaching resources for Life Sciences, including subjects such as animals/zoology, cells, diseases, genes/evolution and more.

Census of Agriculture - Agricultural statistics for the nation, every state and every county.

Farmer Market Locater - A searchable database of farmers markets.

Food Desert Locator - Maps income level and access to grocery stores for your neighborhood.

Food Environment Atlas - A mapping tool with 168 indicators of food, health and community.

Click here for more useful tools and resources from the USDA.

Need timely articles related to careers and workplace success?
Schools.com has a variety of articles related to career choices, getting jobs and workplace success. Assist students in exploring the effects of social media on their ability to secure their future dream job.

How to use a Punnett Square
Inspire your future geneticists with detailed instructions and useful links for applying the Punnett Square.

Safety first: grain entrapment prevention
Videos, promotional materials and guest speakers can be accessed at the Grain Entrapment Prevention website. With Farm Safety Week approaching, these are great resources to help your students understand and prevent entrapment in grain elevators.

Pests beware!
While it may seem a bit expensive, what an amazing tool for teaching future landscapers to use the latest technology in diagnosing pest invasions. Check out the IPMPro app. A tour de force of nursery and landscape pest management, the IPMPro mobile app will streamline pest management decision-making and employee training and make complying with state pesticide recordkeeping regulations easy!

Wet and Wild
What is a watershed? http://www.uaex.edu/washington/podcast/2012/what_is_a_watershed.htm
Water quality: http://www.uaex.edu/washington/podcast/default.htm

Ethanol Rocks Video Contest
Students from grades 9-12 (high school) and college are encouraged to create a two-minute video for Ethanol Rocks. First place winners will be awarded $1,500, and second place winners will be awarded $500 for both the high school and college categories (a total of four awards will be given). The video must contain at least four facts about ethanol. The following categories are encouraged to be considered (but are not all-inclusive): environmental attributes, renewable resource, decreased reliance on foreign oil, enhancement of local economies.