Question for the Profession

To go or not to go? That is the principal’s question

Perhaps you have already had to answer the question, “What are the students you are taking with you to the convention and expo going to learn that will overshadow the instruction they receive during seat-time in their regular classes?” As school officials and parents continue to sharpen their gaze on the all-important standardized test scores, more and more of us are faced with the challenge of defending the educational value of taking students to learning events where impact is hard to measure with a paper/pencil test.

I think we all need a reminder that every event and activity our students participate in is supposed to be an expression/testament/evidence of what they are learning in our classrooms; not to mention all the core academic skills that are articulated in these activities and events. If we’re just having activities to have activities, well, it’s time to find another profession.

This edition of Making a Difference highlights the educational aspect of the National FFA Organization’s largest event of the year, the National FFA Convention & Expo. We hope you will use the articles and information to bolster your explanations for participation and showcase ways to strengthen the position of your chapter’s activities and events.

In addition, please share your tips and strategies for ensuring everything you do is centered on educational outcomes and academic standards in the NAAE Communities of Practice.