LifeKnowledge Spotlight: Making the Agricultural Career Network work for you

The National FFA Organization is replacing its outdated, clunky membership system with the Agricultural Career Network (AgCN). More than a roster system, AgCN is a new online system for collecting, storing and aggregating information to help build a network with past, present and future resources and stakeholders.

Once advisors complete the membership roster, students can use AgCN to log their instructional experiences, supervised agricultural experience connections and FFA activities. All that is required of the advisor is to train students to enter the information. Once that conditioned response becomes habit, students facilitate their own ability to create resumes, document their learning and capitalize on their leadership skills; all this without creating more work for you.

If you would like to explore ways to enrich your members’ professional growth as they relate to AgCN features, use the following activities found in the third Perspectives book that was mailed to advisors (this book will be available online soon).

Professional Growth: Activity 2

Members are asked to identify the items from their school attendance record, level of involvement and grades that they would include in their resume.

Awareness: Activity 3

Members are asked to consider how brand loyalty is developed then are asked to answer the following question: “If YOU were a brand, what guarantees have you made to others, what have they grown to expect from you and how have you shown them what to expect?”

Flexibility/Adaptability: Activity 1

Members are asked to think about the organizations, teams and hobbies in which they are involved then explain how they work to improve the skills sets necessary in those areas.

Decision Making: Activity 4

Members are asked to decide which form of communication is appropriate for the message being sent.