How to get started using the Agricultural Career Network

By Katy Mumaw, Education Specialist

Let’s start with some definitions, to establish some common adoption and diffusion.

Technology adoption - The choice to acquire and use a new invention or innovation.

Diffusion - The process by which something new spreads throughout a population.

Technology adoption is key to the diffusion of the Agricultural Career Network (AgCN). Diffusion itself results from a series of individual decisions to begin using the new technology, decisions which are often the result of a comparison of the uncertain benefits of the new invention with the uncertain costs of adopting it.

We need your help in making AgCN the powerful educational resource it is built to be. It is guaranteed that the uncertain benefits of AgCN will far outweigh the inconvenience of the learning-curve.

National FFA came out with the idea of AgCN in what may have seemed like a ‘big bang’ but it was after years of mulling around ideas on improving our membership, application and communication systems. Once the idea was conceptualized, there were months of thought and preparation before a single web-part was built; now we are on to the diffusion of this vast technology and can only make it happen with your participation and feedback.

With everyone’s participation, from the local to national level, AgCN will help us more effectively record membership, process applications, communicate with our members and stakeholders and actualize the FFA mission in premier leadership, personal growth and career success!

Try these seven easy steps to getting started.

Top 7 ‘must dos’ to get your chapter using AgCN

  1. Receive your username and password from your state staff.
  2. Program Profile – Edit your program profile. Enter your billing address and a shipping address, if it is different. Include your program’s demographics, chapter website and the pathways taught in your program. Add your dues structure and identify if your chapter uses AET.
  3. My Profile – Add your information and professional history.
  4. Manage Fields – Make AgCN work for you. Add additional data fields you would like to collect from your students. Eliminate another survey or information request by adding your information needs here for your students to complete.
  5. Roster – Make sure your roster is correct, submit your roster to the state and print your invoice.
  6. Invite students to join AgCN and help get them started.
  7. News and Calendar – Add items to the News and Calendar sections to make AgCN your own. Include pivotal information to make AgCN the go-to-spot for your students and eventually alumni and community members.

For help or more information on how to get started, visit the Ag Career Network Help webpage.