Question for the Profession: How Do You Develop Student Leadership at the Local Level?

By Nina Crutchfield, Local Program Success Specialist

Only a small percentage of our FFA members ever get to attend state leadership conferences such as 212°, 360° or Washington Leadership Conference. In a perfect world, those who do attend should bring back all their knowledge and skills and share with the rest of the chapter, right?

Let’s be real: That does not happen on any large scale. The other 150 kids in your chapter do not soak up those leadership lessons retold by the outstanding six or seven who do go. So how do you train the rest of them? How do you develop student leadership at the local level when you can’t take them all to camp or conferences? How do you really help move those adolescent teens from their self-centered universe toward becoming the self-aware, community-minded, productive citizens you know they all have the potential to be? How do you do it on a tight budget with limited resources, time and manpower?

Share your tips of the trade with novice and veteran teachers who are looking for ways to really engage every single student in developing their full potential as leaders. Share what works for you; no idea is too small or too complicated. If you have instructions, documents or templates, please share those as well. Helping all our teachers develop student leadership at the local level is what we do. Share your ideas and practices on the NAAE’s Communities of Practice.