The Leadership Superstore

By Stefany Deckard, National FFA Education Specialist

It’s a struggle to find a one-stop shop for free educational resources.  Many Internet searches have led to dead ends or just a free sample that leads to a huge purchase price.  Sure, there are some resources that are easy to find, but let’s consider what I’m going to call the Leadership Superstore.  

 At, a.k.a. the Leadership Superstore, you will find a plethora of free lesson plans, integration ideas and leadership activities on topics ranging from event planning to career development event (CDE) preparation.  And did I mention they are free?

Let’s venture down an aisle in the Leadership Superstore and showcase the product that are waiting to be used—Online Student Leadership Learning Modules.

If these modules were packaged, on the front of the box you would find sales points such as:

  • Student e-Learning modules:  Students will learn on their own time, in pairs or groups, or part of classroom instruction! 
  • Three courses to choose from: Leadership, personal growth and career success! 
  • Self-paced and multi-layered:  Students control the rate of progress and learn in-depth concepts and applications through multiple lessons.

Within these three courses, you’ll find the following topics:

Leadership Course*

Personal Growth Course*

Career Success Course*

Intro to Leadership Dev.

Intro to Personal Growth

Ag Careers 101

Leadership Styles

Confidence in Your Body

Searching for jobs


Confidence in Your Mind

Business Communications


Confidence in Expressing Your Emotions

I Have a Job…Now What?


Confidence in Your Relationships



Discovering Professional Growth

Define and Advance My Career

Seeing the Need


Portfolio Project




Service/ Advocacy






*Each topic is broken down into units, and each unit consists of two to four sections. 

We all know that FREE is undeniably the best motivating price in town, so don’t hesitate to flag  as your favorite Leadership Superstore.​​​