7 Core resources to engage students in active learning

Are you looking for ways to make your classroom more student-centered with resources that actively engage students? A number of recent studies show that students who participate in active learning retain more and enjoy school more than students who passively receive what is being taught to them. The challenge becomes how to actively engage students in the learning process and empower them to take more of the responsibility of learning on their own. The FFA Core Catalog offers agriculture teachers resources and tools for actively engaging students in the classroom. Check out these cost-effective ways to create a minds-on classroom.

Strategies for Great Teaching – This valuable resource book contains a compilation of 30 ideas for activities on any topic, each fully explained with action steps to foster outstanding student engagement your classroom. This book will give you inexpensive and easy-to-implement ideas for building engaging strategies into all your agriculture. 

Engaging Strategies for the Ag Classroom—Agriculture teachers are known for their ability to create real-life, hands-on lessons for students to help make learning fun and applicable. There are some topics, though, that are tough to teach and even harder for students to learn. This handbook was designed to give you ideas for teaching challenging topics, such as Parliamentary Procedure, Ionic vs. Covalent Bonds, Punnett Squares, and Calculations in Agricultural Mechanics in engaging and inventive ways. All of the strategies in this handbook are carried out using e-Moments. These strategies aren't designed to replace quality lecturing, reading, or laboratory activities; they are designed to enhance and highlight learning in engaging ways that appeal to a variety of learning styles.

Leadership on the Go – Put this grab-and-go resource of more than 30 leadership activities at your fingertips. Students will gain insight on how to Listen, Lead and Learn: listen to the directions, lead by doing the activity, and learn about themselves and one another while honing their leadership skills. Activities center on icebreakers, team building, communication, relationships and problem solving. 

Charlie Greenhand’s Ag Trivia Challenge— Help students achieve agricultural literacy in a fun and interactive way! Trivia questions cover five categories including Agriscience and Technology, Plant Agriculture, Animals and Agriculture, General Ag and Ag History and Agribusiness. A separate set of Challenge Cards tests students' knowledge of FFA and FFA history. The game can be played by up to 16 people at one time. 

 REAP the Farming Game – Create fun classroom competitions with these games. Your students will learn and retain ag facts and practices through active-learning with their peers. User-friendly and a great classroom resource, REAP makes it easier than ever to teach introductory business management to high school and community college students. In the Farming Game, students track their expenses just as business entrepreneurs do and learn how to analyze their financial performance to make better decisions and returns on investments. Students learn the concepts of strategic planning, decision making, accounting and financial analysis. 

All of the REAP teaching tools are on a CD that includes a printer-friendly, PDF-format Facilitator’s Guide complete with teaching tips, application exercises and worksheets and learning resources for seven comprehensive units. In addition, there are customizable PowerPoint® presentations, Excel® spreadsheets, study guides and tests with answer keys.

Agricultural Science Flash Cards – Organize team competitions for test review, making it a fun and effective classroom event. Each practice set includes 58 flash cards for learning horticultural plants, forage crops, trees, or insects. 

Intelliprep Retail Meats, Floriculture and Nursery/Landscape Combo Packs – Interactive and comprehensive, these are great teaching tools, designed for use by both teachers and students. Students can test themselves or their teammates with the easy-to-use DVD or field guides. The DVD study system combines visual and textual mediums to form a cohesive and efficient tool that builds the student’s knowledge base. Customizable quizzes give direct feedback on a student’s knowledge. With high resolution photos, your students will have all the necessary tools to maximize their potential.