How Do We Take National FFA Convention Home to the Students Who Don’t Go?

By Nina Crutchfield

Walking on the sidewalk between the Indiana Convention Center, Conseco Fieldhouse, and Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis, we’re enveloped in a sea of blue corduroy, laughing teenagers and ag teachers on a mission. That mission is to get all their ducklings from point A to point B without losing any of them.  You can see it on their faces. I hear teachers quiz their students after a session to ensure they got the points the speaker made, putting a team through its paces prior to competition, working their group through the choices of leadership development workshops, observing speaking events, and career show activities. It truly is amazing to witness all the learning going on during the four days of convention.

But what about the thousands of students left behind in our ag classrooms? How do we take the national FFA convention home to the students who don’t go? We do such a good job in the moment of reinforcing the leadership lessons taught at convention but it shouldn’t stop when we arrive home.


Share with everyone, on the NAAE’s Communities of Practice, your practices for spreading the spirit and education of national FFA convention with the students who don’t make it to Indianapolis. ​