Where Are All the Great Fundraising Ideas?

We all know about the commercial fundraising companies that offer a 40 – 50 percent cut when we sell beef jerky, fruit, cookie dough, etc. I don’t know about anyone else, but I hate doing them. I hate having kids peddle stuff just so we have enough money to pay for a trip, feed them at a meeting or buy T-shirts. I hate having to tally orders, count quarters and wait for them to pick up their frozen products on the hottest day on record.

There’s got to be easier and better ways of getting the funds we need to provide high-quality experiences for our students! So, where are all the great fundraising ideas? I know there are a whole host of teachers out there doing some really great things to raise money without the hassle of involving commercial companies.

I know countless teachers use their greenhouse learning lab as a commercial production operation to generate money. I know that as many other teachers use the ag mechanics shop to commercially produce various items. But what else is there?

Post your fundraising ideas on the NAAE Communities of Practice so that we can all benefit from your innovativeness. We’re all waiting in anticipation to read of your low investment/high return ideas for avoiding the fundraising blues.

Read the Show Me the Money Issue of Making a Difference to learn how a number of teachers have mastered the art of fundraising and make it educational at the same time. ​