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 Question for the Profession

How Are You Using Technology to Become Part of Your Student’s World?


I always knew that I needed to link my content and strategies to my students’ current frame of reference, but I never realized just how significant that link can be for young, developing minds until last summer at the Delta conference. During the weeklong event, I saw how we must take the high order cognitive skills we’re teaching and connect them to where the students are at in that very moment.

So, where are our students at? This month’s and last month’s issues of Making a Difference are dedicated to technology. We chose that theme because it is where our students are. If we want to continue to connect and increase our students’ skills, we must enter their world. We’ve got teachers across the country doing just that, and it’s not just the young teachers. Veteran teachers, with decades of experience, figured out long ago that they had to stay in tune with their students. We’ve got a good start on sharing strategies, software, websites, etc. in the NAAE’s Communities of Practice Technology Community, but we need more.

I know the technology novice’s, like myself, in the profession could use some help on more than knowing that Twitter and Facebook exist. We need instructions on how you use it, where to find tutorials and how it helps us impact student learning to make it worth our while to try.

This month’s question for the profession is How are you using technology to become part of your students’ world?  Take a little time to share the details of what you’re doing so that we can attempt to replicate your success. When you share by posting to NAAE’s CoP, all of our students benefit from your expertise.