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 LifeKnowledge Spotlight

Social Media and the FFA Mission

Actuating the FFA mission can be reflected in many aspects of social networking. Our students today may not remember a time when instant messenger was not an option or when blogging was a new idea. How can we help them bring to fruition the FFA mission of premier leadership, personal growth and career success though this technology that is second nature to them?

Social networking is making its way into the workplace. A growing number of social networking sites are now geared toward working professionals. While sites like MySpace and Facebook were once exclusively social, businesses have begun to establish a presence there, too.

Rosetta, an interactive marketing agency, reports that more than half of 100 leading retailers surveyed have fan pages on Facebook. In addition to setting up fan pages, businesses have begun to use social networking sites in another way.

What is this other practice that you should be aware of, you may ask? Some employers have begun to troll social networking sites as a means to investigate individuals prior to the interview and hiring process as well as sometimes monitor current employees. So, here are a few items to keep in mind when utilizing these social networking tools. Encourage your students to think of their online presence as part of the interview process.

A lesson within the Career Success Module on LifeKnowledge Online addresses business communications. While maneuvering through this self-paced module, students are asked to reflect on social networking related to professional communication when getting and keeping a job.

The precepts and values that we live by everyday are reflected in what we write, post and spend time searching online. Since there are no standard rules that parents give their children about social media, making sure our students know the power and capabilities of social media may be very important. This subject can be expounded upon in a full lesson or we can include making wise choices about social media during discussions about leadership attributes such as responsibility, character, relationships and decision making.

What do students need to know about communicating appropriately when using new technologies—that is, text messaging, Facebook and other social media? One way to start the conversation in your class is to use LifeKnowledge lesson AHS.14- Embracing Emerging Technology in the Workplace. During this lesson students will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of emerging technologies in agricultural industries and develop the skills to intelligently research and select the appropriate technology to complete a task. Allow your students to explore the LifeKnowledge Online Career Success student module and discover some dos and don’ts of social networking and how they are being utilized in agriculture. Social networking is already a key to success in many career paths; let’s make sure our students are equipped with the tools they need to succeed. What are you doing to keep up?