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Taking it a Step Further

 Taking it a Step Further...

The theme of this month’s Making a Difference is Teaching with Purpose. In an effort to assist busy teachers with identifying the standards that can be addressed by two of our largest activities, we’ve combed through the National Content Standards for Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources.

Below you will find links to documents that list the AFNR standards, as well as the core content standards that can be addressed during animal exhibition events and while attending the national FFA convention, if you are indeed Teaching With Purpose.

John Jones and T.J. Holder stressed the value of attending the national FFA convention, how it motivates students and teachers, how it sets the stage for the rest of the year, and how it builds alliances with parents and administrators who attend. To add to their testimony, take a look at the standards that you could be addressing during your time in Indianapolis, as you turn that alternative learning environment into an event with academic purpose.

National FFA Convention Competencies

Kent Boggs, Keith Shane, and Tom Maynard stressed the value of animal exhibition as a learning opportunity, an experience that brings all facets of the animal industry together, and a culmination of creating relevant industry experiences. Add substance to your efforts by substantiating them with documented national standards for animal science instruction and leadership development.

Animal Exhibition Event Competencies

Visit the Council for Agricultural Education’s website for the complete AFNR Content Standards document:


Keep up the good work and remember to always Teach with Purpose.