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 Teacher Resources

Working with Advisory Councils – Ag Ed 430/630
This course focuses on both content and procedure for agricultural education (Ag Ed) teachers and cooperative extension educators to use when organizing and working with advisory councils. Topics include effective use of advisory councils in agricultural education classroom settings and extension informal educational programs. The course examines a conceptual framework to explain how advisory councils relate to agriculture and extension education’s use of planned change both in and out of the classroom.  Systems, systemic linkage and change are a basis for understanding advisory councils in the overall organization. Information on facilitating group discussions, planning and conducting effective meetings, conflict management, and identifying the local community or organization’s power structure is also covered. To register for this course, go to the UDOnline website, or contact Dr. Patricia S. Barber, Associate Professor of Agriculture Education, University of Delaware Newark, at


Cotton Lessons and Activities is a fun-filled educational site for students, parents and teachers. It provides educational resources and information about the U.S. cotton industry through interactive games and activities that are fun and informative. There are downloadable lesson plans and video slides shows. Check out to spice up your next lesson on natural fiber production.


Risk Management Lessons
The USDA Risk Management Agency has recently made available a set of Risk Management lesson plans for high school agriculture classes. Lesson topics include better marketing planning, how to use the USDA-RMA website, new enterprise planning and risk management planning. Linked with national standards, each lesson plan includes student learning objectives, a list of needed supplies and key terms. Lesson plans also have a complete teaching script with an interest approach, summary of content, teaching strategies, activities and a test. To access the lessons, go to and click on the “Risk Management Education Lesson Plans” icon at the bottom of the page. You must create a free account to access the lesson plans. For more information, contact National FFA at or 317-802-4362.


Hooked on Hydroponics
Looking for a resource to start a hydroponics system? Apply to win a free system at


No need to imagine the weather channel crossed with the farm report anymore. Stormx now has improved agriculture content that allows you to show students weather and contextual maps, USDA crop progress and condition graphs, and state/county yield forecasts for corn and soybeans. See how weather is affecting production in Brazil or just the next county at



Hummert Horticulture Short Courses
Hummert International wants you to attend their annual Agricultural Education Short Courses. They’ve even reduced the registration fees to $250! This year they are offering two courses: Greenhouse Operations and Management, and Community Gardens (NEW), Landscape Design and Turfgrass Management.


The Greenhouse Operations and Management Short Course will be held June 23–25. This short course includes 1½ days of classes and a one-day tour of St. Louis’ city greenhouses! Highlights include the St. Louis “Flower Row,” the Midwest hub of the cut flower industry, and the Clyde C. Miller Academy which was recently spotlighted in People magazine for its outstanding FFA chapter and plant biotechnology program. 


The Community Gardens, Landscape Design and Turfgrass Management Short Course will be held July 7–10. This short course includes 1½  days of classes and a one-day tour day of St. Louis’ community gardens. Tour stops include St. Louis City Seeds & Urban Farm, the Missouri Botanical Garden and Forest Park.


To register, contact Shannon Dieckman at 1-800-325-3055, extension 1124. Registration is limited so don’t delay!