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 Teacher Resources

Agriculture Career Multimedia Packages

You have asked for more agriculture-friendly career lessons, PowerPoints, videos and enrichment activities. CEV has heard your requests and now has a multitude of multimedia lessons targeting the career cluster pathways. Explore the materials they offer at You’ll find full multimedia packages that address agricultural science, animal science, judging, food science, horticulture, landscape design, agricultural mechanics, agricultural metal fabrication, agricultural power and personal skill development.

Inside USA-Today Booklet

Give current events a new twist in your agriculture class. For $10 you can get the Inside USA-Today booklet that has daily graphic organizers that correspond with any issue of the newspaper. Select issues that discuss agricultural topics and turn your students on to current topics in the industry of agriculture as well as reading the newspaper. You can even alter the graphic organizers to address specific skill sets you are targeting in your lesson, such as reading for content and meaning, vocabulary or problem solving. Order the booklet at

Writing Across the Curriculum

If your school is focused on improving writing skills for all students, the Writing Site is a must at Discover quick implementation strategies, best practices and tips for using technology to improve student writing.

Making Chocolate Virtual Tour

See why Hershey is synonymous with the word chocolate and so much more! View this self-guided video tour of the chocolate making process. Incorporate it into a food science, processing or “Farm to Plate?” lesson. Keep in mind this is a high-tech marketing video by the Hershey Company. It can be used in an agricultural marketing or communications lesson as well.

Mythbusters & Dirty Jobs on iTunes

Your students will love Jamie and Adam’s antics as they employ scientific methods to prove or disprove a variety of myths, and Mike Rowe as he performs some of the dirtiest jobs in the world. You can use the podcasts to illustrate physics, geometry, mechanics, good old fashioned problem solving skills, and illustrate the boots-on-the-ground aspects of a variety of careers that your students might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience for themselves. Download iTunes at (This is also a great place to learn how to create your own podcasts for your classroom!) Once you’ve got iTunes installed, go to the iTunes store and type either “Mythbusters” or “Dirty Jobs” in the search window. The best part is that they’re free!!!

Cow Eye Dissection

This step-by-step laboratory experience is perfect for an animal science or biotechnology course. You and your students will love the high quality photos of the process and find it easy to follow. You can also watch a video of a dissection.

Sustainable Agriculture

The Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education division of Cooperative Extension is interested in working with secondary agriculture educators to find ways to educate students about the opportunities for careers in production agriculture and the niche of organic farming. You can find valuable resources related to these areas at the SARE information service Find a primer on local food systems at Locate lesson materials, grant opportunities, videos highlighting innovations in agriculture, PowerPoint lessons and much more at

Small Engine Training Materials

Are you trying to institute a small engine repair course and don’t know where to start? Are you looking for teardown and reassembly scripts for your classroom, along with videos and easy-to-follow PowerPoint presentations? Training materials like these and many other supporting educational tools can now be downloaded free of charge from the industry’s leading manufacturer of small engines. Briggs and Stratton® has created “The Power Portal” website specifically designed to assist vocational education instructors in the development of quality programs in engine technology.

For educational materials, visit and use the following log-in information: User ID: voed_schools, Password: briggs. Then select the “Training Resources” tab for teardown scripts, training videos, presentations, instructor support materials and more!

Stay tuned, as this November Briggs & Stratton will be expanding its industry-leading training program with the launch of “The Power Channel,” an innovative global Web-based training site. Stop by their booth at the FFA National Career Show in Indianapolis (booth 109-111) for a demonstration, and sign up for a 7-day free trail.

Agri-Entrepreneurship Award Program

The National FFA Organization, with the sponsorship of the USDA Rural Development Agency, recently created a set of 14 lesson plans for entrepreneurship education. These lesson plans are now available free of charge to educators. The purpose of this resource is to encourage the teaching of entrepreneurship in agricultural education programs and to support increased participation in the National FFA Agri-Entrepreneurship Award Program. This program provides a cash award for a local entrepreneur from each FFA chapter in the nation. The program also provides students interested in entrepreneurship the opportunity for additional state and national awards.

Learn more about the Agri-Entrepreneurship Awards program and access the free lesson plans at

National Animal Identification System (NAIS) Outreach Kit

NAIS Outreach Kits are now available! This is an excellent resource for providing students with information on the ins and outs of the National Animal Identification System Premises Registration process. Discover ways to incorporate NAIS into the classroom, SAE programs, career development event preparation and community service projects. By utilizing the materials in the kit and completing the Chapter Enhancement Application, your chapter will be eligible to earn a trip to Washington, D.C., in the spring of 2009. Request your chapter’s kit today by visiting You can find additional information and resources about NAIS at and If you have questions concerning the NAIS Outreach Kits, please contact Karen Fredenburg at or 317-802-4465.


“Focusing on Agricultural Issues” Course Available Online for Free at the Team Ag Ed Learning Center (TAELC)

“Focusing on Agricultural Issues” was developed for agricultural education teachers and others wishing to increase awareness of agricultural issues among students and the "non-agriculture" public. The materials are targeted for high school students but can also be used for junior high or adult education programs. Examples of issue identification, investigation and analysis are provided for eight major agricultural issue areas.

The course is available free of charge at Click on “Classroom Tools,” log in and enter the “Course Catalog.”

But wait, what is TAELC?

TAELC is a great online, one-stop-shop designed specifically for agriculture educators. features free and affordable e-learning, teaching resources, lesson plans, student assessments and much more. Lessons plans include PDF versions for easy printing, as well as online versions that offer search capabilities and electronic note-taking on individual pages. LifeKnowledge Online is now offered through the TAELC and allows teachers to assign assessments to student lists, easily imported from the FFA membership database.


Log onto to register for FREE and take a look around! 



Ford Motor Company Fund’s Driving Skills for Life Program

Vehicle crashes are the No. 1 one killer of teenagers in America, claiming more than 7,000 lives each year. Crash rates are highest during a teen’s first few months on the road. In fact, a 16-year-old driver is 10 times more likely to be involved in a crash than an adult. That’s why every student in your school should see the Driving Skills for Life video, which illustrates driving skills important for safety.

Driving Skills for Life is a national safety initiative aimed at teenagers who have earned or are about to earn a driver’s license. The program was developed by a panel of safety experts brought together by Ford Motor Company and the Governors Highway Safety Association to teach students the skills necessary for safe driving beyond what they learn in standard driver’s education programs. While buckling up and driving sober are fundamental rules that drivers need to follow, this program goes a step further and focuses on four key driving skills: Hazard Recognition, Vehicle Handling, Space Management and Speed Management. The result is a unique program that teaches teens these skills, which could prevent more than 60% of teen vehicle crashes.

The complete Driving Skills for Life program includes:

  • A video that demonstrates the four key driving skills.
  • A leader’s guide that provides step-by-step directions for presenting the video and reinforcing its lessons through group discussion.
  • A preview activity designed to introduce the video by alerting teen drivers to the increased risks they face and the skills they must develop to drive safely.
  • An online quiz at the Driving Skills for Life website,, which tests students’ understanding of the video.
  • Brochures that summarize the program’s key messages.
  • A take-home letter that encourages parents to support the program by providing their teens with additional training from a professional instructor and by regularly accompanying their teens during their first year on the road.

The Driving Skills for Life video can be presented in a special assembly or used in health, life skills and consumer science classes. We believe you and your students will find that Driving Skills for Life can make a real difference by giving teens the know-how they need to be safer on the road. Please visit the website at