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 Question for the Profession: Share Your Summer Planning Ideas!


Down the country lane staggers the coonhound on his last leg. He’s been on the hunt for days and has just enough energy to plop himself under the nearest bush for a long sleep and recovery.

Sound like the agriculture teacher at the end of the school year? I remember the feeling of total exhaustion that you feel when the year is over and the kids are out the door. Unfortunately, you can’t crawl under a bush, hibernate for three months and emerge refreshed and ready to start anew. No, you have to keep going throughout the summer months to ensure your program and students are ready to start again in August. You’ve got SAE visits, officer trainings, equipment inventory, facility and equipment maintenance, classrooms to organize, greenhouses to clean and so much more to do before you can relax and prop up your feet. 

The question is, how can you get it all done? One answer is to not reinvent the wheel. Learn from the advice of fellow teachers on how to make the job easier, more efficient and effective. This month’s question for the profession is simple, and not really a question so much as a request: share your ideas on how you conduct your summer SAE visits, inventory your facilities, plan and organize the classroom for next year, and provide leadership training for your officers and members. No tip is too small, nor is any topic of summer activity insignificant. 

Share your ideas with each other. Make your lives easier and steal a few more hours of sleep under the bush like the old hound dog.

Post your ideas at NAAE Communities of Practice

Have a great summer, and don’t forget to take time off for you and your family.  You deserve it!