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 Teacher Resources

Safety Exams for All

Too often we don’t focus on the importance of safety exams until an accident happens. Will your exams stand up in a legal inquiry? Are they valid in relation to the material taught? Are all of your students able to effectively interpret the questions asked? This website from Denver public schools provides a good listing of safety instruction materials and matched exams for many of our pieces of shop equipment. A great feature, not often found, is that they have a complementary set of student materials and exams in Spanish. Think about that: If your student isn’t fluent in English, yet you test his understanding of shop safety on an exam in English, would that stand in a court case? If you do use these materials for your program, don’t forget to adapt them to meet the specifics of your shop’s equipment.

While at the Denver site, look at the math in CTE lesson plans. While they aren’t specifically written for agriculture, many could be adapted to your courses. The workshop plan lesson and reading a ruler both could be utilized in entry level agricultural mechanics courses. Additional lessons are available in many business applications.


PowerPoint Search Feature

Attention PowerPoint users:  Remember when you created that PowerPoint on animal reproduction or plant leaf arrangement last year? Remember thinking that if you could just find that one picture or diagram, your presentation would be complete? Wouldn’t it be easy if you could just do a google search for other PowerPoints on the topic? Now you can! Just follow the instructions below. 


1. Go to
2. Click on “Advanced Search.”
3. Under the “File Type” option, select “Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt)”
4. In the “All These Words” field, type in the key words of the topic you are teaching, e.g., animal reproduction.
(Shortcut: You could just go to Google and type animal reproduction filetype:ppt.)

Other great tips can be found at:


Professional Development in Horticulture

Are you building your first greenhouse this summer and wish you had a better understanding of how to maximize its use? Or do you want to learn more about landscape and turf grass? Don’t miss this summer’s edition of horticulture workshops from Hummert International. Both workshops are offered at their Earth City, Mo., location just outside of St. Louis. These workshops are designed for agriculture educators, and space is limited, so reserve your spot soon.

  • Greenhouse Operation and Management—June 27-28; cost: $275.00.

  • Landscape Design and Turf Grass Management—July 31-Aug. 1; cost: $225.00.

Visit for course details and registration information.


Alternative Energy Thoughts

What would you do with 270 tons of turkey guts and 20 tons of pig fat? Please don’t say “host a barbeque!” Check out Discover magazine to learn how a slaughter plant in Missouri is handling the byproduct from their facility. Additional information on this process can be found at Changing World Technology’s website.  While you’re there, click on the video tab and look at the “searching for sweet” and “reprogramming sheep” videos. Interesting information to stimulate discussions.


“All in One” Agriculture Information Site

Trying to stay current with all the agriculture programs, policies, organizations and news can be an impossible feat. Ag1Stop might be the answer you’re looking for. This website has been designed to be a "one stop" site that allows users to easily access information and resources concerning agricultural regulatory program requirements, implementing conservation programs and sustainable practices, and agricultural policy updates from national websites and organizations located in all 50 states. Links to national and state commodity trade associations and environmental groups have also been listed. This reference website allows the user to access multiple federal and state agencies and non-governmental organizations for online information through the use of one Internet location, rather than navigating multiple agency websites.


Resource for Agricultural Math Examples

If you are in need of some math examples and/or case studies or are looking for a way to incorporate math into your agriculture curriculum, you should check out It features ready-made examples relating to different areas, some of which could be related to agriculture, especially in an agribusiness application. There is no fee to download; however, you will need to supply your name and e-mail. 


Where Does All This Stuff Come From?

"Build a common-ground bridge of understanding and respect between urban youth, rural youth and their natural resource providers."

This is the mission of Provider Pals, an organization created to build a link between students in urban settings with those whose occupations provide the “stuff” that we all use in our daily lives. 

Provider Pals® exists because of a number of current realities: In the United States and Canada, there is a large and growing resource linkage problem. Our largely urbanized culture (80% of us now live in urban areas) has lost track of where their “stuff” comes from. This disconnection between consumption and production is problematic for all involved in addressing the difficult decisions we face in protecting the natural environment, while continuing to provide the products society consumes. It is especially problematic for those who live in, work in, love and manage the environment.

Bruce Vincent, founder, was passionate about bridging this gap. He designed Provider Pals® based off of years of experience trying to fulfill this mission. He built a program that uses education and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to produce lifelong understanding and respect between urban and rural cultures. Provider Pals encourages people to discuss their cultural realities, embrace their differences and celebrate their similarities. Find out more about this program and the opportunities it offers at Provider Pals.