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Thank You

 Thank You

Thank you for your years of service Jeri!

We have a rare opportunity in this issue to offer our sincere thanks and appreciation to someone who has given willingly of her time and talents to this publication for 16 years:  Jeri Mattics Omernik. From the very first issue of FFA Advisors Making a Difference, Jeri has served as everything from writer to editor to chief cook and bottle washer. We are grateful for her years of service, and we offer our sincere thanks and appreciation for her dedication to agricultural education and the teachers who make a difference to every student, in every classroom, every day.

As this publication has evolved, thanks in no small part to Jeri's devotion, it has tackled topics large and small. We've never been afraid to take a “poke” at the profession, especially if it allowed the opportunity to explore issues common to those of you on the front lines. We will continue to provide that same level of food for thought as we complete our transition to an online publication.

In this issue of FFA Advisors Making A Difference, you'll find articles featuring some new voices. Some, such as former National FFA Officer Robin Niehaus, will be familiar to you. Others may not, but they bring years of experience and enthusiasm writing for teachers and education. We hope you'll enjoy reading our contributors' perspectives on student engagement in this issue. 

We are excited about the future of this tremendous teacher resource, and we are grateful for all those who have contributed to it. Thank you, Jeri!