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 Question for the Profession: "How is it we are here, on this path we walk..."

This line from a 1970's Moody Blues song continues on to question many poignant issues of that time period. While I have no intention of revisiting the past, I use the same line here today to offer the Question to the Profession for this month. If we are to effectively recruit teachers into the profession and keep those beginning teachers in the career, it is important to be able to convey to them why you teach. Ending up in a classroom as an agriculture teacher is not an accident of nature. There is a reason why you have pursued this occupation and continue practicing in the art and science of education. What gets you through the difficult days, the new initiatives from administration, and all the other challenges you face on a daily basis?  What gives you the high that makes you say, “Dang, I love this job!” It is this message that we need to convey to our prospective and beginning teachers.

This passion for the career is what we need to define, refine and promote to fill our future classrooms with new teachers of agriculture. Help us gather that message by logging on to the NAAE Communities of Practice at and post your comment on the “? to the Profession” for this month.

Tell us… “Why is it you are here?”