Building futures with FFA

There are different ways one can give back to an organization that one knows, loves and supports. When people think of “giving back” they often think of support through monetary gifts. But volunteering is one of the most important ways someone can return their respect to an organization.

“One of the things I learned through those [FFA] experiences is that the world is vast!” said Dean Jagielo, an FFA alumni member. “It extends beyond your hometown. FFA pushed me to take advantage of opportunities that stretched my abilities and made me grow and learn at a greater level as a young adult. My connection to FFA stays strong as I am an active member in our local FFA alumni. I volunteer at random events to help my wife (who is an ag teacher) as well, to continue to help with the development of our future leaders.”

For Jagielo FFA gave him stepping stones to become a successful adult. Volunteerism and financial donations jointly contribute to part of the success of FFA. Because of that support, FFA members dream up new ideas, aid in the evolution of agriculture and change lives. FFA relies heavily on volunteers, but for every class of students to be afforded these opportunities the programs must be funded and sustained.

FFA member Travis Plunkett describes how FFA has shaped his life and his future dreams to help support the cause. “All I can say is that FFA has had a bigger impact on my life than anything ever has. Without FFA, I wouldn’t be where I am today. FFA has turned me into the leader I always dreamed of being. FFA has inspired me to be all I can be. I have vowed to never give up no matter what. Thank you FFA for everything you have done for me; I hope one day I can return the favor by being a supporter.”

Every minute volunteered and dollar donated to FFA builds a brighter future, today.