A dollar today for tomorrow’s leader

Philanthropy has an extensive history that dates back as early as Plato in Roman times, when he willed his farmland to his nephew for a place where his followers could study. Since Plato’s time, the art of philanthropy has evolved but the meaning behind giving has not.

In 2012, the National FFA Foundation is focused on gaining more individual donors and increasing current donors’ gift amounts. “Now, more than ever, FFA needs our individual support, a chance to give back to the organization that gave us each, individually, so much! So this is your opportunity to start your legacy of giving back today,” said Elin D. Miller, past national FFA officer and current Individual Giving Council (IGC) member.

When an individual chooses to donate their own money to help an FFA member, they believe their donation is worth more than any financial gain. Also, when members receive the donation, it is something remarkable. “Members receiving a gift from an individual donor have an intangible, unique expectation to uphold,” said Director of Individual Giving and Major Gifts Ryan Gallagher. “When members are awarded a gift from an individual donor, they get a sense of personal responsibility to follow through.”

Now is the time to change the history of philanthropy within the foundation; a dollar today for tomorrow’s leader.